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Hello, I'm Kim Jeong-nam, the CEO of BeauNex.
As a company always seeking innovation and future technology, BeauNex is constantly working to provide the best products and services to our customers and partner partners.

In particular, in line with the era of hyper-personalization, it meets various needs and provides personalized beauty solutions based on advanced technology and creativity in the field of customized cosmetics development.

We develop customized cosmetics considering each individual's unique skin type and beauty solution, contributing to BeauNex growth as a global leader in beauty and healthcare. BeauNex is made up of outstanding team members and is working together to realize our vision. We are preparing for the future through technological innovation and creativity, and working toward a sustainable future.

Cherish every moment, welcome change and challenges, and enjoy the opportunity for BeauNex to contribute to make a better world. Thank you for your continued interest and support in creating a better future together.

History | Start of Business

Patent Certifications | Awards

Patent Certifications and Awards

Patents applided
For manufacturing cosmetic devices
BeauNex Class 09, Etc.
July, 16, 2021
July, 16, 2021
Corporate Reorganization
approved by Ministry of SMEs and Startups
R&D institute with a corporation
July, 19, 2021
KC Certification
March, 31, 2021
KES 2021
Certificate of Venture Business
July, 14, 2021
Certification Confirmation
Certificate of Design Registration
No. 30-1216200
Certificate of Patent
No. 10-2505369
2023 Certificate of Styletech
Prospective Styletech Company

Cosmetics you use every day, from purchase to use
How much time are you thinking about?

BeauNex started from your concerns, and developed a ‘customized mask pack maker’ powered by artificial intelligence technology in March 2021 through numerous skin tests and continuous R&D on AI technology for the past two years. By utilizing AI technology, we are developing a home care beauty device that is easy and convenient, but with high satisfaction, alleviating your concern about purchasing and using cosmetics that you use every day.


Come with a beauty device that makes personalized cosmetics just for you, tailored to your skin and environmental factors.