myCOMPACT that can express myself differently every day

I make my own foundation cushions differently every day according to my skin tone, skin condition, and external environment! By checking the skin color, oil and water content data measured by the measuring instrument, and the schedule of the user’s BeauNex App Calendar (Linked to Google calendar) and analyzing the environmental index (temperature, humidity, UV, etc.) data according to indoor and outdoor activities, it manufactures the optimal cushion pact formula.

A variety of replaceable cartridges in addition to the basic 6 cartridges

The base, color base, and functional ampoule cartridges are diversified and designed to be replaced according to the user’s desired function. Cushion puff and built-in sponge are also developed so that they can be replaced with new ones every day.


Can I find my own life cushion?

The existing cushion compact is filled with about 15g of raw material, so if it is long, it can be used for several months, or if it does not suit your skin type, you had to purchase another cushion pact and use it again.

Purchasing a cushion compact that suits your skin was not an easy task, even from a survey stating that you’re might using 3 to 5 cushion pacts on average at the same time. In addition, even if you purchase a cushion pact that fits perfectly, the hygiene problem of the sponge and puff is also a concern after using it for a long time.

Only for today, just for one week?
Create your own life cushion to use!!

My Compact allows you to create and use your own cushion pact that will be used only for today or for a week. Every time you make a clean sponge and puff, you can always use it cleanly by default, and you can meet your unique life cushion by making it yourself to suit your skin that changes every day, such as base color, moisture, sun care, and nutrition. You can express yourself differently each time by adding a color base, brilliance pearl, etc.


Find My Skin Tone Color with myCOMPACT Color Finder Analysis

myCOMPACT that can express 110 different shades! If you didn't know the exact foundation lake that fits you,

Experience AI recommendations that can express pretty colors of skin that fit your skin tone through myCOMPACT Color Finder.